I went to the gym.

Yesterday I went to the gym. I think I’ll go back. I kind of liked it.

My re-commitment to health started back in December. I remember the afternoon I boldly walked into a neighborhood Gold’s Gym and asked to sign myself and my daughter up for basic memberships. The facility was under construction and was not officially open. We signed the digital forms and issued payment. However due to computer connectivity issues, the forms were not accepted.

We patiently completed the process twice only to be undone once again by technical hurtles. At that point we left with intentions of coming back in a few days when the site’s tech issues were solved. Yea, that didn’t happen! Big Surprise.

What followed were a myriad of voicemail messages and texts urging me to complete the sign up process once more. Of course I ignored them. After all, the freak tech complications could only have been a sign of the greater power intervening in my life. Or, it could have just been that I was scared stiff and regretted ever stepping into the place to begin with.

Flash forward a month and it is now the first week in January and I am feeling guilty over my gluttonous holiday intake. During what I can only describe as a moment of sheer madness, I pick up my phone and frantically hit the call back icon on my voicemail message. A few minutes later I sit shuddering at what I had just done. Now there was no going back. I am officially, after all, now a gym member.

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