Catholic without Conscience? Vs Guilty by Association?

My sister in law told me the other day when discussing the Catholic church crisis, that she was

“rising above it!”

And that

“it really did not affect her!”

She went on to state that the only member of the family it would possibly affect is her teenage son; who is big enough to take care of himself.
In her view, most of the accusations are untrue, and unfounded, and the seminarians and priest affiliated with her parish can do no wrong.

When I revealed to her that I and my family had left the church, she indicated that I had trust issues (no kidding- wonder why?) and went on to preach a fire and brimstone sermon like no other about all the evil in the world and how the devil is at work outside the Catholic church. (and inside me, I presume)

In response to her tirade, part of me wanted to scream:
“Hello! The devil is actually INSIDE the church, if you hadn’t noticed!”
Fortunately, I did not voice my thoughts. Instead, admitting defeat, this tearful heathen told her I was ending the call and conceded that she is, after all, better than me.

So, I pause and ask this question:
Is she a Catholic without a Conscience? Or suffering from a severe state of denial?

I am left to ponder how someone supports financially, socially and culturally the Catholic church, and does not develop some sort of enabler’s guilt complex.

Guilt by association, after all, is one of the reasons we finally exited the faith. Painful as it is, it is not our wish to perpetuate the problems by supporting them via our presence in the pews, tithing, donations in the offering basket and social status.
The Catholic church is undeniably co-dependent upon their parishioners. There is a double co-dependency issue here however, as many of the parishioners unequivocally seem equally as dependent upon the priests and the church.
It is indeed a paradox in my mind. One party cannot live without the other, regardless of abuse and lies. While the other party does not exist, but for its followers (of whom it abuses). To make matters more confusing, we are taught that by definition, the church is the people. So, in essence, the people in the pews (the church) I guess you could state, are actually part of the cause of the abuse. The church hierarchy are abusing the church (general population) and the church allows it to continue, because, after all, the devil is at work outside of the church.

I do not understand how people can continue to support the filth and lies. Personally, I think they are in a way, brainwashed.
Thanks, but I think I’ll pass on the Kool-Aide.

Speaking for myself, I cannot simply “rise above it.”
Sorry, not this time.
I’ll take my chances out here with the devil, thank you very much.

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