Can’t afford to be a Christian.

Anyone else feel this way?
Perhaps its the weight of the 10% mandatory annual tithing, costly catechism and youth group classes, or the guilt-ridden weekly offering placed in the basket instead of our savings account. Sure the food pantry and Missions are credible causes, but at what cost to the contributor? If there were extra to give, it would be given. There is not and so they receive not.

Maybe it is an accumulation of these expenses in addition to the presumption that one will spend their last dime to dress up for Sunday services and the pressure to invite the Priest, Pastor, Deacon or other member of church hierarchy to dinner.

Possibly it is all of the above, added to the fact that we can not afford to provide our children a Christian education due to the high tuition for parochial elementary and secondary schooling.

Perhaps I am just a selfish, greedy heathen.

Or perhaps, just perhaps…
I simply can not afford to be a Christian.

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