Caffeine Free in 2019

I started the new year off with a commitment to forego my morning cup of java joy. I took a week to wean myself off of my ALDI’s German Roast and French Roast bag varieties, and HEB Chi Tea K cups. My secret recipe: Folger’s Decaf. Yes, the less than tasty silt in the green plastic container.

I concluded that in order for this to work, I needed a step down transition instead of going cold turkey and suffering the formidable and agonizing caffeine headache that would surely follow. I started with a two to one ratio, heavier on the caffeine than the decaf. Each day I increased the decaf a little. Using a reusable K cup, I mixed the layers of caffeinated and decaffeinated granules.

By the end of the week, I was slugging down a miserably weak cup of the Folger’s sludge. Astonishingly, by the second week, I did not care to continue the morning punishment and surprisingly was not all that inclined to continue my beloved morning ritual.

I have broken my dependence of caffeinated beverages. Yes, I am proud of myself, and rightfully so, for overcoming this multiyear- decades long addiction.

Mind you I still do get a bit sentimental when peering over at my red Keurig sitting idly upon the counter. Soon it will make its way into the pantry where behind wooden doors it can rest undisturbed.

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